One of the world’s most renowned and outspoken fashion photographers, Mario Epanya stirred an ongoing global dialogue in 2010 when he proposed the launch of Vogue Africa. GLAMAZONIA gives artistic expression to this continuing discussion, and more importantly, a vehicle to help shift our perception of the physical ideal.  The exhibition features images of black women with African inspired hairstyles, garments, and accessories, and offers testament to African beauty. Epanya’s photographic images underscore his African ancestry and capture the aesthetics of African ceremonial and special occasion dress.

The exhibition premiered at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture in Pittsburgh December 2012 and ran through April 30, 2013.  GLAMAZONIA has received national and global recognition.  In 2014, the exhibit was presented at L’Oreal USA in New York City.

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photograph 2015 copyright Mario Epanya.